Sustainable hospital

Transition from waste to value

The healthcare sector is one of the most carbon-intensive sectors, contributing to 7% of emissions in the Netherlands. In response, the Dutch government has called for more environmentally sustainable healthcare and a 49% emission reduction by 2030. The Sustainable Hospital Initiative addresses this issue with its mission to shape the future of healthcare in a transformative way by introducing environmentally sustainable healthcare practices to reduce the sector’s ecological footprint. Our aim is to build a strong research community to create an evidence-based transition model for environmentally sustainable hospitals using the expertise of three Dutch research institutions. This interdisciplinary team will improve or maintain current healthcare practices while minimizing negative environmental impacts. The project connects researchers with expertise in engineering, design and policy (TU Delft); medicalsciences (Erasmus MC); operations & technology management, and social sciences (Erasmus University Rotterdam).

Op de website kun je ideeën opdoen over het verduurzamen van de IC. Je vindt hier onder andere podcasts en verslagen van studenten.

29 augustus 2022